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قديم 28Aug2010, 01:38
أمة الرحمن السلفية أمة الرحمن السلفية غير متواجد حالياً
.:: حرسها الله ::.
تاريخ التسجيل: May 2010
الدولة: ليبـــــيا
المشاركات: 97
افتراضي الشيخ الالباني في حديث صوموا لرؤيته

ترجمــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــــ ة
Eminence, Mohammed Nasser Al Deen Al-Albani: Liquid: For the issue of the day of Eid or limiting the entry of Ramadan with a difference between Muslims in Islamic countries.

Sheikh: with regret.

Questioner: unfortunately, the issue of holiday we take as an example when he enters the last day of Ramadan and have proven in Saudi Arabia that it had become gala, and here the same night they said: that tomorrow is very month; If the man was traveling from Oman to Saudi Arabia in the same night, a resident of Jordan, on the morning the day of Eid in Saudi Arabia and Jordan in the morning, thirty-traveled Is it fast or Holiday!?

Sheikh: I Worsen do not say to this question exactly, but for him, Worsen on the occasion of the difference referred to by most of the time some of the Jordanians were in the Umrah, Taiid reached them, or Saudi Arabia's announcement Anu month, twenty-nine, some fast, some fast my answer was as follows:

From the fast of Jordanians he is still in Saudi Arabia he would be right, but if the income of Jordan - and the reality of most residents in Jordan - them of what mentioned; Vanksm Jordanians in two of them fast with Saudi Arabia and the fast with Saudi Arabia and fasted with Jordan, including reverse.

My opinion on the subject: that the words - peace be upon him -: (Fast when you see it) to another talk. Is the text of the duty of every Muslim: to return his does not matter what is said of the difference in moon sighting and regions, and so on, but rather reached the texts that he has to respond to the saying - peace be upon him - but unfortunately - as I mentioned earlier - that of State or Government of today different, I wish the difference was only in this ruling, but this is located such that this difference and this disorder.

I say: Parent must be on all Muslims to fast just to declare a Muslim country to prove Crescent whether entry or exit.

It is on this issue: that I received inquiries from Europe and Germany and others: that we used to disagree - and if the Muslims in their country are different, how they are outside their country - The important thing was my answer: that you should fast with any declaration made before the announcement of another, regardless of Saudi-Jordanian ... And so on.

Questioner: Even if their ad is based on the vision of astronomy Account!?

Answer: This has another provision, and I now temporarily postponed, and remind me I forgot.

Here, judgments - now - for the difference is located.

I said: Originally, all the Muslims to fast and not separated as is the reality, this reality other than between the people and the people of the State and the State.

But noted: this difference is intense so annua includes one people Vinksm these people for the same two, and I remember well in some past years the impact of such confusion, and asked some people not in the same country in one house father was fasting and of the Son fasting or vice versa.

I remember - too well - I am in some of my travels and Amrati reached into the car of course, to a place that is on the way to the city ****d Bashash I had a car man that day to check Alradietr found Anu year spent water and the lid is not tight; came down you know there are some shops, bringing me up to the shop when a bearded beard, not quite; took us to talk with, so it is Kuwait and say: that he will fast with a resident of Kuwait, Saudi Arabia; Here I entered him in this debate and that I - now - I want to repeat it.

I say: the rules of Islam prevent the phenomenon of difference as far as possible; So now we said originally: that Muslims fast all to see one country, but this is not reality; If we stay on this principle in the same country Anasir the band a wider circle of the band that we do not possess, we are We have to shed our thoughts and our views on the Governments, in particular with what they have to accept our views as Muslims are unanimously agreed upon.

In order to reduce the phenomenon of difference, I say: we fast with the country in which we provided it does not soak in a radical violation does not say the world is not possible, for example fast for 28 days ... Is not possible to fast 31 days ... If he is such a difference and fasted resident in the country with the vision of his country no more than thirty or decreased for the twenty-ninth; This is the least evil that fast with another country, because this dispute Oh God, unlike the band and this band that I see.

The bottom line: there is a general provision must be accepted (Fast when you see it), there is the view of jurisprudence as possible rights to adoption or go against the type of case is that fast with the people of the country and to have breakfast with the locals without falling in the offense root, or to fast country which has declared that this is the origin and the door of precision in the matter; as is the case in many of the issues which are of differences and conflict and diligence that the answers to what was asked.

Liquid: For distance means - now - people in the East or West Espqona day or two.

Answer: Because my brother the night follows day, not necessary Anu found band or otherwise due to differences in, for example in the East other than Morocco; Morocco is if he knew of the Orient annua saw Crescent be gone with them late two or three long distance between this point the other hand, can not as we know from the text of law, Anwar costs worship of believers: to assess the provisions of Islamic law on matters scientific theory accurate, Maine appeared determines that familiar with Maine started or identifies you as the distance means the science experiment based on the means of accurate scientific and very accurate, could not be to such matters are limits to that, it readily (Fast when you see it and stop fasting when you see it). It is reached fast fasted and prove to not only deaf.

So God wants very wisely concluded verses on the question of fasting, saying the Almighty: (God wants you ease and does not want hardship for you compete in generosity of many magnify Allah for having guided you and that ye may be grateful). [Al-Baqarah: 185].

Fraser prefer you want to say!

Questioner: I wanted to say Todihan:

- The first event in Kuwait: some elders known as mentioned in the Arab and Muslim world, Saudi Arabia announced, silent Kuwait; he said: "I have my breakfast, schizophrenia following day, a fiery preacher and Imam Eid sermons so he is fasting.

Sheikh: How!?

Questioner: he is fasting.

Sheikh: Net contradiction how!?

Question: On the second day of Eid blessings with a group went out to the mainland in a remote place and arrived feast, inflicting a rift between people.

Shaykh: Allah is the greatest, good Shaw and his point of view!?

Question: is this what they are Anu Arabia precise in their news, we say this occurs in the same country charm.

Sheikh: Maine sir Whoever one want accuracy, we have learned - a controversy -: that the Saudis promised the accuracy of what I mean Kuwaiti best of them.

Questioner: The second thing: I would say - some of them in America - I told them: Ok you on the day of Adha What do you do contrary to or approve the Islamic world, but in the mushrooms with the difference in the case.

Answer: We ask God to inspire the Muslim rulers: to ease their peoples to govern their religion.

Questioner: Many of the country on account declares al-Fitr and Ramadan fasting month prior to the entry.

Sheikh: This happened in America in the man they were Pakistanis came out, in there Islamic groups - as you know - they said three of the Muslims came and testified that they saw the crescent, the astronomer and dropped their testimony based on knowledge of astronomy when he said: annua first witness said: "I saw the moon in the Of course, the same channel in a bid for the country. Said: This is an astronomer can not see this as the second, third and so on. Individual certificate astronomy.

God, I am convinced - just -: that God - the Almighty - when he started what is prescribed for the Muslim Ummah on the guidance and light first, and the ease and relieve the hardship Secondly, When he said: (Fast when you see it and stop fasting when you see it; the cloud you, complete month has thirty days). He addressed the Muslims who are of grain, even if they were uneducated, illiterate and uneducated and that confirmation of maternal Lord of the Worlds of Islam, and if it is to be applied at all times and everywhere.

Then fast to his vision: can be applied by all the people of whatever culture, whatever illiteracy, he returned to the vision visual, but if he is returned to the vision Albasirip science; Vserga this outstanding members of the public.

Then you will see these individuals is required to them as required by scholars, all in the witness if he claimed that he saw the new moon!? Just to be judged by the Maine appeared annua you accept your testimony or to accept, especially Anu testimony is based on science can not claim all the public that Icharkoh it.

I understand - and Allaah knows best - is: is it right that the Prophet - may Allah bless him and his family and him - when he said: (We are a nation of illiteracy do not write or count) does not mean it imposes on the Muslim nation: to deceive, ignorance of writing, reading, and so on, but it is Tabahm illiteracy regarding this provision on the vision optics.

He said: (We are a nation of illiteracy do not write or calculate the month so and so and so on). Ie: sometimes thirty days, and sometimes twenty-nine days.

Lesson here is in fact what is the purpose for which they strive to raise their heads when astronomers - with Anwar to be astronomy to judge relented optical visibility is likely to miss - What is the purpose, say the elimination of the actual difference between the Muslim peoples?!

I think relented this request arbitration science astronomer claimed astray dispute based on the least: it will be said, see the moon in the country do not see Doe Doe in the country! They collect such So what is salvation?!

What in salvation only by reference to the rule of Islam and then in a terrible Audacity of Prophethood and the message, he says to us: (We are a nation of illiteracy do not write or count). You Kyi says: No, I write and I think I know astronomy should therefore prove Crescent entry or departure to astronomy.

I'm closer this topic - sir - if we go into astronomy in the legal provisions made us what happened to Jews and Christians before.

I read some of what I read in magazines, scientific theory Takhttr to the minds like us us who do not allow us to study the science of modern astronomy, geography or anything but it was in the past of my life I had a vacuum for the perusal of the various sciences as you can to that matter, I discovered from these readings : When you show that the sun and we see at the top of the mountain is what note after note of what Talat Talat, these are the mountains and these are the sun disk. Science says: It is still behind but the light rays are reflected to see the sun above the summit, to look over the top authorized here - now - make the claimed Haisp Baisp.

Of sight normal to say: the sun rises. Science says: "What Talat is still behind the mountain, then the prophet - peace be upon him - when he says: (from realized rak'ah of the Fajr prayer before sunrise, has caught up and realized rak'ah of Asr prayer before the sun sets, it was realized). Honey meaning: it is getting back in complete contradiction when we see the sun on the top of the mountain at sunset in their claim that they had set, but radiation is reflected, and vice versa completely.

To this guidance and comfort is to follow the law, and prayed God to Muhammad, who said: (What's left nothing but bring you closer to God, and enjoined it upon you, and left nothing insulate you from God and will bring you closer to the fire only to forbid it).

You can be the answer comes to you during the speech.

Questioner: The first question implies that the fast We know Anu in Palestine does not exist when the State proved the people of Gaza celebrated the Eid in Saudi Arabia, of course, but the rest of the West Bank or the violin so that they may differ in some places fasted with Jordan; then what is the ruling?!

Answer: they are supposed to in such a situation: that fast with the country which inspired the closest Jordan.

Questioner: Shaykh Medicine says: The closest that the country is inspired Jordan; but in some countries the second Syria and Lebanon that they may disagree, Jordan and Syria disagree means Hun become confused!

And then second question on this: Anu are we Muslims Why make political boundaries divide between Muslims - with Anwar, particularly scholars - why you said in the past: that (Fast when you see it) is something general; why do not we fast with Saudi Arabia, that Saudi Arabia or any country proved in the first.

Sheikh: You are - now - back above the answer to that.

Questioner: Yes, O Shaykh!

Answer: What is this, you were my words what I think you want the former, you're with says: why make the geographical boundaries I said: So?!

Questioner: No .. No .. I am what I said.

Sheikh: Ok .. Then, Xu solve the problem. I told you: annua solve the problem - a radical -: that Muslims fast - all of us - this is not reality, because of the dispute between the governments, ok, we want to create a dispute between one people; you Hala meaning of your question: Anu - and God - Hdhuli the ones who were in Gaza celebrated with Saudi Arabia who were originally affiliated with any state, if you had to be explained by the implementation of the opinion - above - is the door: your brother is not forced a hero.

What I said: Anu al-Shara requires us to disagree with the first ad.

Questioner: I am what I have said this.

Sheikh: I Bakrr you with your question, you want a repeat myself before.

Questioner: Yes!

Shaykh: This is what I Dick, I am what I said: But I have section reduce evil is the one people with their own Bisom!?

Authorized are we, we want to note the observation Hai Hai Llano much are we Bnkhalv origin: (Fast when you see it). A matter of reducing the evil; So now you tell me: Reduce the evil you or someone else, this Mho a legitimate target?!

Questioner: This is the best.

Sheikh: What is to reduce the evil for Gazans: that fast with the Jordanians or Saudis?!

Questioner: Of course not fast with the Jordanians.

Answer: your question is authorized to answer the past.

Questioner: No, it is my question - who am I not want to ask him - is as follows, presumably they are - now - they celebrated with Saudi Arabia n Suppose played in Jordan: Anu many people break the fast to declare Saudi Arabia is their rule, it means breakfast is wrong we consider, it's certainly a Anu This is contrary to the rule holds, but you are wrong in this matter means re!?

Sheikh: I am God guide us and you. Say: Amen.

Questioner: Amen.

Sheikh: "O Bacon breakfast right in the middle of my error.

Questioner: Of course not.

Answer: We knew what was good from the previous answer what is right and what is wrong!?

Questioner: "O our sheikh knew - but I am now in one ask me - Anu person breaks the fast with Saudi Arabia, does he have to spend and spend what seemed to ask!

Sheikh: I would say if he breaks the fast in Saudi Arabia, a Jordanian, is what to do anything, Sheikh, Allah guide you I am away from you if you break the fast there, they need something, but the ones who fast here Fajalv right - we Nhrrh Now diligent and not the letter - we quoting: required required .

Questioner: Praise be to Allaah.

Sheikh: You are what Ptcol: Look Hala case heya accurate finite and not as easy as it was, you For example: if I saw you, or is dunk, or what I know you felt as you are serving a necessary that Anu is needed fast is true, you say: required fast and status of these, for example, you played in Jordan and see what is in Saudi Arabia; you can see Anu needed break!?

Questioner: I do not see in your answer.

Answer: Ok, what in a compromise VIA Ptaftr and you are right Loya Ptaftr and you're wrong, what in the solution the middle of this view and, above all a science knowing.

Source: The bar entitled: (Fast when you see it).
قيل للحسن البصري : ماسر زهدك في الدنيا ؟؟
فقال : علمت بأن رزقي لن يأخذه غيري فاطمئن قلبي له ، وعلمت بأن عملي لايقوم به غيري فاشتغلت به ، وعلمت أن الله مطلع علي فاستحيت أن أقابله على معصيه ، وعلمت أن الموت ينتظرني فأعددت الزاد للقاء الله .
رد مع اقتباس
قديم 28Aug2010, 17:14
أمة الرحمن السلفية أمة الرحمن السلفية غير متواجد حالياً
.:: حرسها الله ::.
تاريخ التسجيل: May 2010
الدولة: ليبـــــيا
المشاركات: 97
افتراضي رد: الشيخ الالباني في حديث صوموا لرؤيته

I ask Allah to benefit by one who is fluent in Arabic
قيل للحسن البصري : ماسر زهدك في الدنيا ؟؟
فقال : علمت بأن رزقي لن يأخذه غيري فاطمئن قلبي له ، وعلمت بأن عملي لايقوم به غيري فاشتغلت به ، وعلمت أن الله مطلع علي فاستحيت أن أقابله على معصيه ، وعلمت أن الموت ينتظرني فأعددت الزاد للقاء الله .
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